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Scuba diving is a totally awesome sport. Until recently, only older kids and adults could do it. Not anymore! Now there’s SCUBA RANGERS, a way cool scuba club for kids ages 8 to 12.

With SCUBA RANGERS, you can scuba dive in a pool with real diving equipment, play games under water, and other fun stuff.

What’s cool about SCUBA RANGERS?

  • You’re part of a special, elite group: scuba divers.
  • You accomplish things that will amaze your parents – and you
  • You develop good sense around the water, and increased awareness of water safety.
  • You build confidence, self-esteem, and pride.
  • Unlike many other sports, scuba can be enjoyed for a lifetime
  • Diving’s something very few people can do – maybe not even your parents.
How to become a SCUBA RANGER

SCUBA RANGERS must work their way through five RANGER Levels. You’ll get cool rewards for each level you compete.
  • Level 1: RED RANGER – Water safety techniques, swimming and snorkeling skills.
  • Level 2: WHITE RANGER – Snorkel review and first time on scuba.
  • Level 3: BLUE RANGER – More scuba skills and underwater photography.
  • Level 4: SILVER RANGER – More scuba, fun and games.
  • Level 5: DEMO RANGER – Demo Ranger is the highlight, because you proudly demonstrate your skills to parents, family and friends.
Who can be a SCUBA RANGER?

SCUBA RANGERS is for any kid ages 8 to 12. The children of non-divers and divers are equally welcome. You must have basic swimming skills, be comfortable around the water, and in good health.

Rangers are expected to make a commitment to learning proper diving skills and following safe diving practices – and HAVING FUN!

How to get started

It’s easy! Just ask your parents to call the:

Finger Lakes Scuba Ranger Hotline…..1-800-764-3483
Email us at:

Finger Lakes Scuba is a division of Coral Reef Dive Adventures, Inc.

Owned and operated by: Joan and Henry MacDonald.

Finger Lakes Scuba is a division of Coral Reef Dive Adventures.
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