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CERTIFICATION (Finger Lakes Scuba is an SSI Platinum Training Facility and a SDI/TDI/ERDI Dive Center with over 20 years experience providing safe, quality training.)

      At the successful completion of this course students will be certified as an SSI (Scuba Schools International) or SDI (Scuba Diving International) Open Water Diver. These international lifetime SCUBA certification cards are well respected, accepted worldwide, and good for life. Following successful completion of the classroom/ pool sessions, and four (4) required open water dives, the student will receive a diver certification card.

**Ask how you can receive COLLEGE CREDIT or a  BOY SCOUT MERIT BADGE for this course!**


      Swimming Ability. Students are required to have basic swimming ability and to pass an entry level swim test during the first class.

           The swim test consists of:
                         1. 200-yard surface swim in pool - any stroke and there is no time requirement.
                         2. 10-minute float or tread water.
      Relaxation and comfort in the water is more important than correct swim strokes.

      Age requirements. Students must be at least 10 years old by the beginning of the class. Students between the ages of 10 and 14 receive a junior certification and must have their parents present during the class. Students between 15 and 18 must have their parent’s permission to take the program.

      Medical Questionnaire: A Medical Questionnaire must be completed at sign-up and a physician’s approval may be required prior to the first session if there are medical problems that relate to diving.

SIGN-UP & CLASS SCHEDULE (additional times, daytime & private classes available upon request; prices, days & times subject to change)

    Sign-up for these classes may take place at various locations. Please call Finger Lakes Scuba at 315-252-8683 to make arrangements for picking up your books and materials, filling out the necessary paperwork, watching a required "Risk Awareness" DVD and getting the necessary equipment needed prior to the first  class session.
Monday 6:30.......... 9:30 PM Gananda Central School District
Tuesday 6:30.......... 9:30 PM Skaneateles YMCA & Community Center
Thursday 6:30.......... 9:30 PM Cato Recreation Center
Thursday 7:00.........10:00 PM Wells College, Student Union Pool, Aurora
Thursday 6:30.......... 9:30 PM Pal/Mac High School
Thursday 6:30.......... 9:30 PM Newark Central School District
Thursday 6:00.......... 9:00 PM Penn Yan
Friday 6:30...........9:30 PM Auburn YMCA


      Students need to furnish his/her own mask, snorkel, fins & booties by the first class session.. Should you need to purchase these items you can do so at your equipment fitting and application completion session prior to the first training class. Please call the store to set a time for your application completion and equipment fitting session. If you need to rent Scuba equipment for the class and open water dives we can provide all necessary items for an additional charge of $140, (includes use of Breathing Air System, Buoyancy Compensator, Weights & Cylinder).

      If you provide your own SCUBA equipment, you will be able to use it for classes and open water dives if it meets current industry safety standards. If you intend to do this, bring your equipment with you so that it can be evaluated at the time of your application completion session. Equipment must fit and function properly to ensure appropriate adjustments for safe learning.


      At the end of the classroom and pool training sessions, the student will be ready to complete their certification with the required open water evaluation dives. These include one skin dive (with mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit & booties, and Buoyancy vest) and four SCUBA dives. By industry standards no more than three certification SCUBA dives may be performed in one day so a minimum of two days is required. This can be accomplished during the regularly scheduled training dives at no additional cost, or on any of our international dive trips, during local outings on weekends and through the International Universal Referral Program (all of which may require additional cost).


      If a student misses a session, he/she may complete a make-up session at another location on arrangement with the instructor. If several sessions are missed, the student may make up those at the next class. There may be an additional charge for make up sessions.

FEES ( Ask about "Special Pricing" for Fire/Police Departments, College Students & Scouting Groups )

Classroom and pool tuition:

Auburn, YMCA Members.............$225 Non-Member...$250
Cato Recreation Center Members.............$225 Non-Member...$250
Penn Yan   Public...............$250
Pal/Mac High School District Member...$200 Public...............$250
Gananda Central School District District Member...$200 Public...............$250
Newark Central School District District Member...$200 Public...............$250
Skaneateles YMCA & Community Center Members.............$225 Non-Member...$250
Wells College: includes Student Kit, equipment rental, use of mask, snorkel, fins & booties, and 4 required Open Water Certification Dives. ($299 w/o 4 required Open Water Certification Dives) *Students ONLY Students............*$399  Faculty/Staff.....$225
Four Required Open Water Dives  ALL     INCLUDED
Divers Alert Network Student Membership  ALL     INCLUDED
Digital Student Kit  


Certification Card Processing Fee  ALL

$  40

SCUBA Equipment Rental: includes use of Breathing Air System, BCD, Cylinder & Weights (optional)  Pool and Open water


Open Water Dive Wet Suit Rental (Limited Sizes Available)

All Dives


      NOTE: These totals do not include the purchase of personal equipment, which includes mask, snorkel, fins & booties, weight system or other items the Student may wish to rent or purchase.

Prices, days and times are subject to change without prior notification.

This Internationally Recognized Scuba Certification Course is offered by the Listed Agencies and:
Finger Lakes Scuba ~ Coral Reef Dive Adventures
11 Dill Street, Auburn, New York 13021

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Finger Lakes Scuba is a division of Coral Reef Dive Adventures.
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