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Diver Stress & Rescue

                Scuba diving is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. This activity continues to grow, as more people are enticed into the underwater world. Young people and older men and woman are now enjoying an activity that was once dominated by young, strong men. People from all aspects of life are finding scuba diving to be a social activity and one, which offers some of the most spectacular scenery they have ever witnessed.

            As the diversity among divers grows, those divers still need to make a personal commitment to the sport, for their benefit and their buddy's. The basics of being a relaxed and competent diver are the proper use of equipment, comfortable performance of basic skills, and experience. In addition, divers can learn about taking precautions against dive-related anxieties, helping their buddies, and preparing for the accidents that can occur.

            Diver stress is the unwelcome result of a lack of experience or the failure to take necessary precautions. Stress and the resulting feeling of panic are largely responsible for the dropout rate in scuba, as well as many diving accidents. Case studies show that these accidents are related to cardio-vascular disease, lack of training for the dives being conducted, inexperience, exhaustion, panic and rapid ascents. The result of serious accidents is usually air embolism, decompression sickness, and drowning.

            Ironically, these problems are in most cases preventable, with the exception of cardio-vascular disease, just by identifying stress and its cause. Recognition of stress and then dealing with it, as covered in this course, will help you and your buddy avoid the need to be rescued or becoming the victim of a diving accident.

            Rescue skills are, of course, very important and must be learned, as well as how to manage an accident situation. These too, are covered in the course. Even if you know how to keep yourself out of emergency situations, it is possible you will be at the scene of one someday. Knowing what to do may help save another divers life.

            In the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue course, you will first analyze what causes stress, and then what causes diver stress in particular. We will then discuss how a normal dive turns into a rescue situation and, more important, how to help prevent that from happening in the first place.

            Required courses include First Aid and CPR for certification. Excellent companion courses such as DAN Oxygen Provider are strongly recommended. These skills are vital to managing a diving accident effectively, and are valuable in everyday life.

Course Fee: $200 plus materials and/or equipment rental; includes online session review w/written exam, required pool session, skills demonstration and testing in open water.


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