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   Finger Lakes Scuba~Coral Reef Dive Adventures    
               11 Dill Street Auburn, New York 13021      
            Rental Agreement and Release      
Name:       Agency:    Cert. #    
Address:       Date Paid:        
City: ST: Zip:   Salesperson:      
        Rental Period:  From:    Time:
Home Phone:                
              To:   Time:
Work Phone:       Late Charge:      
Drivers License No:       Instructor:        
Credit Card #____________________________ Expiration:___________________ MC  /   V  /  Disc


Quantity Size 1st Day Add/Day # Days Sub-Total   Total Due
Week long Package*     Week Long Rate = $250.00 7      
Breathing Air System     $50.00 $25.00        
B.C.D.     $45.00 $22.00        
Full Wetsuit     $25.00 $10.00        
Hood     $6.00 $3.00        
Gloves     $6.00 $3.00        
Weight System     $8.00 $4.00        
Cylinder     $12.00 $12.00        
Dry Suit**     $150.00 $75.00        
Undergarments     $30.00 $15.00        
Computer     $25.00 $12.00        
Compass     $6.00 $3.00        
Flag & Float     $15.00 $5.00        
Mask     $15.00 $5.00        
Fins     $15.00 $5.00        
Boots     $15.00 $5.00        
Snorkel     $5.00 $2.00        
* Includes B.C.D. and complete Breathing Air System. subtotal      
**Must be Dry Suit Certified     Tax (8.00%)      
I have all the equipment needed to dive safely. ______________ Total    
  It is hereby agreed that the above equipment is rented from leaser by the lessee for his/her use only,
  and will not be loaned, sublet, mortgaged, or in any other manner be disposed of by the lessee. That 
  the lessee will be responsible for damage to said equipment by fire, theft, or other cause. That the leased
  equipment will be returned to the leaser at the store where it was leased at the expiration of the agreed
  rental period in the same condition as received, except for the ordinary wear and tear, or make
  appropriate restitution. That the lessee uses the equipment entirely at his/her risk.  The lessee shall
  pay all rental fees due under this agreement prior to, or at the time of pickup, and will pay additional
  fees at the above rates if the equipment is returned later than agreed upon time.  No refund for
  equipment unusedFinger Lakes Scuba~Coral Reef Dive Adventures shall not be held liable for any
  accidents arising from the use of said equipment.        
Signed (Lessee)             Date:
Signed (Leaser)             Date:
 Date Returned:            Acceptable:_________ Unacceptable:_________  
                Revised 2/1/10

Finger Lakes Scuba is a division of Coral Reef Dive Adventures, Inc.

Owned and operated by: Joan and Henry MacDonald.

Finger Lakes Scuba is a division of Coral Reef Dive Adventures.
Copyright 1999 Coral Reef Dive Adventures. All Rights Reserved.