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College Credit for Scuba?


ACE Recommendation Opens the Door

by Gary Dark

Director of Marketing


Educational Implications

      As SSI Dive Leaders, you and your peers have well-deserved reputations in the industry for producing quality divers. At SSI USA, we are very proud of the job you do and we work everyday to support you in your efforts. That's why we are so excited to announce that the American Council on Education (ACE) has recommended four SSI courses for college and university credit. This article lets you know who ACE is, how we earned the endorsement and how it can benefit you.

A Symbol of Quality 

      The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is awarded to consumer products that meet high standards. Similarly, an ACE endorsement is recognized as an important symbol of quality in the field of education. To earn the endorsement, the SSI Teaching System had to pass an extensive ACE evaluative process conducted over several months with an ACE reviewer. It culminated in an on-site visit at Scuba Schools International by three additional ACE reviewers. The reviewers thoroughly examined SSI's teaching materials, our instructional process, our quality assurance system and other criteria. After the review, one of ACE's representatives commented that it was one of the most impressive presentations he'd seen. Third party endorsements are important to consumers.  After all, any company can claim it has quality products. But when a respected, independent group evaluates a company's products and concludes that they have high quality—that is something a consumer can trust.

Who is ACE?

      ACE is the unified voice of higher education. It represents all colleges and universities before the U.S. federal government. ACE evaluates educational courses according to established college-level criteria and recommends college credit for those that measure up to these standards.

      ACE makes credit recommendations for formal educational programs and courses sponsored by non-collegiate organizations such as Scuba Schools International. The credit recommendations are intended to guide and assist colleges and universities as they consider awarding credit to persons who have successfully completed non-collegiate sponsored instruction. Through this program, students will be assisted in receiving academic credit for taking ACE-approved scuba courses through an SSI training facility.

College Credit for Scuba Courses

      Divers who have completed certain courses through Scuba Schools International can now receive college credit, even if the courses were taught independent of a college or university. Those courses include Open Water Diver (1 semester credit hour), Diver Stress and Rescue (1 semester credit hour), Dive Control Specialist (2 semester credit hours), Open Water Instructor (3 semester credit hours). All credits are recommended for the recreation/physical education instruction area.

      To earn college credit, divers must complete a Scuba Schools International course offered by an SSI Training Facility. Next the facility or the diver must order an Official Transcript from Scuba Schools International as proof of course completion. SSI will then send the transcript directly to the diver, or college, or university. 

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